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joseph mueller

Joseph Mueller, COO and General Manager


Joe is a Placer Miner and Certified Mining/Petroleum Project Manager with 28 Years’ Experience. Joe has also specialized in centrifuge gold recovery.

After Joe served in the Military, he worked for Haliburton in Iraq, then ExxonMobil in the far north reaches of Alaska. Based out of Prudhoe Bay, Joe was the Drilling Boss attached to north slope drilling activities. He worked as Mine Engineer for Alaska United Mining. Joe is fully versed in Placer Mining Operations and is a qualified MSHA “Responsible Individual” on any
mining site in the USA or Canada.


Joe holds multiple certifications from MSHA certification to OSHA, FEMA, SCBA, ISO9000, Hazardous Materials certifications, remediation of NORMS, Project Management and NDT inspector of Radioactive Containment Equipment.

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